Sunday, October 10, 2010


i had to plan a meal for Sunday for over 80 people and cook it... it was crazy. today i was told that my Dad is going to be released form i calling he has in my church (i'm LDS by the way if you don't know me) he is a Bishop and is an air line pilot so he is never home. when telling a 2 friends though chat the "guess what!" they both responded with "your engaged". what is with now being in college that people think that your right about to tie the knot with the next guy you see?
thing about my dad never being home, I never home. I leave at ether 7:50 or 8:30 and get back at like 7:00 or 11:00 at night (depending if i'm working or not). and sad to say I may just say it.... My parents... are right.... (that tasted like vinegar coming out). they are right to make me do a little work around the house. (do the dishes one night a week, clean my room, bathroom, and hallway once a week also.) I got in a big discussion with them tonight about freedom in college and living at home. they used logic agent me. (stupid logic)

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