Wednesday, October 13, 2010

naps are a girls best friend

Naps.... I look back at the times that i hated naps and think why? Now naps are college students pride and joy! I went to bed late sitting there cold in my bed. (my electric blanket stopped working) ). woke up today realizing I slept though my first class I was so sleepy! (side note: I have a midterm tomorrow in the class i slept though) then after all my classes I meet up with my boyfriend in the Student Center where he was working on another song he has written. (side note: AMAZING SONG WRITER!!!). I snuggled up next to him and fell asleep. I half work up to him stroking my hair. then latter today realizing that i didn't have work, I took another nap. I love naps... especially when you know that the one you care about is right there, and cares for you too.

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